How are you?

Honestly, the past few days had been somewhat bearable for me.

I’m glad that we are on speaking terms again. Not just the ‘I message you, you reply me a bit, we fight, you ignore me’ kind of speaking, but actually talking properly, having a substantial conversation. And this time it wasn’t even me. I was already mentally prepared to try and hold the silence until sometime into the future. This time, you texted me first. Though its more of a cry for help, I’m still glad that you approached me. Its a sign that you still remembered that I exist. And I want to be grateful that you do trust me enough to share some of your problems and fears with me. Though I digress, I feel useless.. that I can’t do anything of decent value to help you overcome them. I can only pray for you and stand by you. I will always do that. For all my life, I promise I will protect you, I will stand by you and love you no matter what. I can do that, and I will do it.

Kind of tired now. On the bus back from TP after a short meeting for the St. John’s project. Post more soon maybe.

God bless.


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