Silentious Requiem.


I realised that translating my emotions into words aren’t good enough. This WordPress could not fully express myself. I still feel trapped, I am still lost. I still miss you so, just as I still do at this moment.

So, I started yet another WordPress. I will be using the WordPress to come up with a little writing. I loved writing. Not just this WordPress, but I really like to form some writing with a story. So, therefore the idea was born.

The story itself will take on reference from people that I know in real life. So, if you are really special or important to me somehow, you might just find someone appearing in the story that is similar to you. Whether is it in terms of names or personality, it might just reflect you. Little bits of it will be actual happenings from my life, while some other would be inspired by other incidents.

And yes, the main character was fashioned after someone important to me in a sense.

I loved writing, really. I remembered I started writing things along these lines since Sec 3. And, every time I had a chance to write, I would want to write non stop and I will always try to build on it. But it always failed.

Therefore, here I am. I want to try and really write something. It expresses my emotions like no other. Hope it’s not too much of a disgrace. So, yup.

God bless.


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