Its been some time since I posted.

I confess, a lot of things had been in my mind for the past few weeks or so.

Most of all, you.

I met your friend today. We had the same table for prom, remember? Me, you, some of your friends.

Its a sudden remembrance of that time.

And its weird how she phrased it.

‘You’re her friend right?’

I know its better if most didn’t know. But honestly, we weren’t just friends back then. Yet to be noted as just friends sounds.. demeaning to me.

Somehow, I’m starting to think of you again. The other day, Saturday, I had the retreat. On the way back, Yilong was talking to me about Amy, then about relationships in general, then about you.

It felt odd.

I don’t know how should I behave, or feel, or think.

Reminds me of me and Trina then. The last few stages of the weird feelings. Maybe.

I should restrain myself.

Self control.


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