It’s hard to be doing this.

Sometimes, I just feel so suffocated, so pressurised.

It’s like trying to remember someone you have never met, trying to forget someone you spent your entire life with.

And that’s the feeling I’m going through right now.

It hurts a lot, yes. The pain doesn’t feel justified or even worthy. It’s like there’s a deep seated thorn somewhere in my heart. And with every attempt to get it out, it goes further in instead. And it’s annoying. It doesn’t belong there. It’s ripping everything out.

I miss you. I think of you every single day. I feel like I’m going crazy. But, no. I don’t deserve you. I have many flaws, many sins, many shortcomings. I’m not worthy of you, not a single bit. Yet, I’m still here. Drowning in your absence.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s only for the time being. I’m going delirious soon. Maybe it’s only a matter of time.

Just because we have the chemistry, we still lack the timing. And timing, is a tricky thing.

And, we can never tell for timing.

Sweetheart, what if we held on?


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