Hey there.

Life had been.. shifting around for me I guess. I always wondered how much emotional pressure can I take before I start to have a meltdown.

Past few days, many things had happened and some had helped to make me see things the way they should be seen.

We settled on a promise. And I really am glad that we did. That now, it’s both of us agreeing to maintain the same thing. I hope that this promise won’t break, that this can be our little tradition.

Right now, I’m vexed about schoolwork. Many things that I need to catch up on. And there’s this little issue that’s gnawing me at the back of my head. However, due to the sensitive nature, I shan’t go into details about the gnawing.

Pretty much, nothing to complain about. Many things to look forever to. Especially the Big Day in November. Yeah. Oh, no, the one besides the 15th.

Wait. And you’ll see.

God bless.


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