Waiting waiting.

I noticed that I always have this tendency to end up waiting for others.  Whether is it waiting for them physically, or for their text replies or what.

And its no fun. Whether you’re talking about something important or not, its gratifying to know that for a few seconds, someone took some time to think of you and composed a message for you. Even if its just a one-word reply or an entire passage.

So why is it that I’m always here waiting for people? I’m sure we’ve all done a good load of waiting, and some of them figuratively put us on the edge. Did you enjoy it? I thought so.

And so here I am, waiting for a reply from someone who had no reason, no obligation to do so. And still, I have no idea why do I wait. Maybe I’m crazy in that sense.

Alright, more later on if i have time then. Chop chop.

Lots of love,

God bless,



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