Big Day

29 November, 2012. I waited months for this day to come. And now that it did, I’m relieved.

I made a video for Shi Yin’s, or Heidi if you would prefer, 18th birthday. This is the Big Day.

I spent almost half a year preparing and making the video. Was it worth it?

Indeed it was. My purpose was simply. Just do something for her birthday.

And honestly, I have no idea what to expect out of this.

But the video is done and she’s seen it. I’ve thrown my ace of spades and it wasn’t in vain. I won something precious. The prize of friendship. I would like to think that the hand had strengthen the bond even more than ever.

And that’s the left-handed issue. Its resolved now. Whereas for the right-hand, I think it won’t be that easy. It will take a lot on my part. Yet like what I expressed, somewhere else, if the person do not want to change things, I won’t force changes. All I can say offhandedly now is to simply take it step by step. Baby steps.

Its easier to make friends with a new stranger, than to make friends with an old stranger.


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