For the year behind, and the year ahead. Pt.2

You would have probably realised that the previous post was marked Pt. 1 for a reason. So, this is part 2 out of possibly 3.


It’s kind of different seeing how I known you more only towards the end of the year. Well, we just met in the afternoon so the impression is still strong. So, yeah. Seeing how spontaneous and how enthusiastic you are about the future 2 years, it really excites me even more. And nevertheless, I really am glad that I won’t be doing this alone. Of course, we are never alone in another aspect. But still, I grateful that I got to know you a little bit better over the past few months. The 2 years ahead for us both will definitely be a life-changing experience, alongside the two of us and the people that will be in our cell group. The coming 2 years, I do hope that we will get to know each other better and that we can really do our best in glorifying God and being the proper cell leaders that we are called to be. Granted, the 2 years will hold other distractions and difficulties, but if God called us here, then I’m pretty sure that God will be with us in good times and bad times.

Si Xuan

You’re one kind of a crazy sister that I have. With no doubt, 2012 without you will be a different story. Thanks for all the craziness you given your brother, because he truly appreciates each and single moment. Not just the nonsense, but also the times we can talk to each other about things that plague us. In the coming year ahead, I do pray that your walk with God will reach a more intimate level. And that you can really do well in studies as well. Don’t ever be a slacker like me!


I can never stress how much you help to maintain my sanity in school. You’re that one person I know that have the same views as me with regards to certain things. Seriously, thanks for being the understanding one when I have misunderstandings with people in our class. Not just that, I’m really glad that you’re in my PEP group. That at least I won’t be doing it with people I do not know that well yet. And also for being the person I could talk to about random things as well. For you I pray that God will use you to reach out to people in your life, and that regardless of your choice of action, that your studies will be fruitful.


What are the chances that you will read this? I don’t think I will ever start this WordPress at all without you. Your typepad had inspired me to do this, this 192th post. I cannot imagine 2012 without knowing you. You were my shepherd and I’m really grateful that you were there to help me with some issues in my life. Whether it’s the bread and butter, or it’s some other things, your advice and insight have always helped me in doing the things that I should be doing. That being said, it’s been quite a long time since I last saw you since you went to China. Well, anyway! For you I pray that your passion for God will never be dampened. Continue to seek and glorify Him in all that you do!

And that’s all for pt. 2 right! I daresay that this is my last WordPress post for 2012.

I do hope that in the coming year, everyone will have…

a bit more of happiness,

a bit more of joy,

a bit more of love,

a bit more of peace,

a bit more of faith

and a bit more of hope.

Of course, do have…

a lesser amount of hatred,

a lesser amount of sadness,

a lesser amount of anger,

a lesser amount of despair,

a lesser amount of bitterness

and a lesser amount of grief.

I do pray that God will bless each and every single one in the coming year. God had been faithful, loving and amazing since the dawn of time. A new year means more chances for God’s wonder to be seen in our lives. Don’t forget to take some time and marvel at His awe. To God, all praise is due.

Happy new year!

God bless,

Lots of love,



For the year behind, and the year ahead. Pt.1

It’s the end of the year now, and like I mentioned in the previous post, all the usual thanksgiving for the year are due. And I guess I’ll start now, since it’s already the 30th December on my side.

So.. The list is long!

Let me just start with the names that come to my mind first! The list shall have no order whatsoever!

Shi Yin

My dear frover. Really thank you for everything this year. We were still sort of dating at the start of this year. But since it didn’t work out, I really am very grateful that we managed to save our friendship and all that is precious to us. I really treasure all that we have. The year, my life, would be totally different without you. Even though we had a lot of fights and quarrels, I really am glad that we are done with that phase of life, and are just simply enjoying our friendship. Thank you for the endless moments that you were there for me, always being that one person I could always depend on for motivation, some care and concern and a listening ear 247, 365 a year. Thank you, for everything. For being my rocker frover. I hope that the year ahead will be better for you, and that God will bless you in His miraculous ways. Never lose the faith, always have hope and confidence in yourself. I really hope that this precious friendship of ours will never die. And I will always love you like the friend I said I will be to you.


Hey mum, really, thanks for everything. I’m seriously glad that I really know you, for being my mum and that person who reminds myself to do the things that I should do. Some times, when the going gets tough, we all need someone we can trust. And when I need you to be around, I find you a caring friend no matter when. And I really am thankful for that. There are some matters I know I can trust you with and that you are able to understand how I feel better than most. That kind of feeling is a feeling that everyone wants. When someone understands you. I hope that the year ahead will be a wonderful one, that you will be able to get the course of study you want. Also, hope that next year as new leaders, we can really serve God in all ways and that you will always have that heart for Christ, the passion. Love you loads mum!

Ming Hui

I know of a few people who say that I’m a mini version of you. And I do hope that’s true, because you’re like a role model to me, both in terms of life and as a soldier of God. The 2 years of you as our cell leader had been a terrific one. Really, thank you for all that you had done for us. Whether is it telling us your lame jokes or giving us your advice, it really means something to me. Since now you’re in the army and will be pretty busy, I pray that you will have enough of time to rest as well. Since you’re going to be my mentor, I really look forward to that!


Hey crazy man! Really, thanks for the year! Got to know you A LOT better over the year. From someone I know as my cell member, to a person I can go crazy with, the year had really bond us together. The days where we just game away or we just poke some fun at annoyed people, it really made a difference. It helped me to see you in a different light. Though it was quite a pity that you couldn’t attend church most of the year because you had to study. I hope that you would be able to get to where you want in the upcoming year, the JC that you want to attend. And really, bring Jimmy I and Jimmy II to church someday!


If you ever thought that it’s random to have your name here, no, it’s not. Truly, I am grateful to know you and have you as a friend for the past year. Granted, we knew each other for less than a year, seeing how the academic year doesn’t start on January itself. I am sincerely thankful for you, for being that one person who reminds me the importance of being diligent and that hardwork is needed to reach where you want to be. That being said, sometimes it’s not always a given that with hardwork, success will almost immediately come abounding. To me, you remind the need of resilience and perseverance. You never give up in your studies and I admire that. Because it reminds me the need to work hard. And you are quite the good friend to me as well. I do hope that in the upcoming year, you will face less struggles in every aspect of your life and that you will be able to achieve what you aim to achieve.


Hey sheep. Na na na na na na! How had the year been for you? I sometimes look back at my life, and see that some of my greatest friendships happened in a random way! And it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the friendship between you and me is one of those. I don’t even remember how we became friends. But still, sheep, if ever a day I talked to you in the most random and crazy way I can think up of, I can always count on you to respond in an equally stupid and crazy way. Thanks for the year. You’re one crazy friend I’m glad to have! Tomato face!

Alright! That’s all for now! I will lengthen the list soon when I have more time!

This side up!


The number of days since I last updated. December has been relatively busy for me, what with all the camps and events and all. And it’s nighttime now, some peaceful and quiet time to write.

Things had been.. great. Let’s just start off the list.

There was the youth camp. It was.. really great for me. I really had a good time bonding with the people, a good time learning more about God and discipleship and also learning about what it means to be a leader. ( I can’t stress this enough, there’s always something new to learn everytime you lead. ) Through the camp, I felt revitalized. Only thing about this kind of feel is that, it doesn’t last. You get hyped up for a few days, tops, then it dies down and it’s back to the normal ta ta lifestyle. Not very healthy is it? It takes consistent discipline and prayer to do what’s right and not what’s easy. Still, the camp was, nonetheless, fun and a life-changing experience. To really take up the cross, not as a burden, but as a joyous lifestyle.


What’s next? Ah yes, there’s the fellowship event, the Christmas party. I was the emcee for the event alongside Jeremy Kwan. Admittedly, I felt as if I didn’t really do a good job in helping to plan, organise and run the event. I admit, there’s quite a lot of.. procrastination on my side. Still.. Really glad that the event took place. A chance to know everyone better ( there’s never too much fellowship ) , and to meet new people as well! It was like a follow up for the camp.


Next? Probably the cyber-fishing two or three days back. I guess, it really helped me in making a decision as to stay in SYFC or not. I guess, sometimes, I really could not understand what is it that is going on in my head. But after some talk with Reggie, I guess I’m slightly more clearer now, but still, I’ve yet to come to a decision though. If I get the chance, I wish I could talk to Jolynn about it. Not that others can’t help me with it, I just feel that Jolynn understands me better than most at times. It’s really a thought. My passion, I feel like I cannot channel it properly, as if I can’t find a good output. I don’t know. I really don’t know sometimes. I feel as if I’m being restrained sometimes. Not that the things are tying me down. Rather I feel like I am being restrained by reality. Of course, who isn’t? But more often that not, I feel them too much.


Then there’s the cell outing on Thursday. Yeah, that was fun, really really great. It’s been too long since we had a cell outing! I haven’t got much to say for the day, but I’m really happy. Yeah. Probably made the rest of the year, and hopefully the next as well. Something something!

Simply the best people.

Simply the best people.

Then, there was.. today. Or rather, yesterday, since it’s already 2:06 at this point. Friday, 28th October. Appreciation and inauguration night. It was a good night. Thanksgiving to the older leaders who will be stepping down, and welcoming the younger blood, or the new leaders. Being a new leader myself, it was really significant to me. It’s one of the process I learnt in life.

No matter how many events such as this that you’ve been to, attended or planned, it’s different each and single time. I’ve been to at least 4 passing out parades in my time in NPCC. There’s all the graduation ceremony, swearing ceremony and what not as well. And it’s a simple fact of life. The old must make way for the new. The seniors graduate and the juniors enter. After the years of being together, the thought of separating really brings tears. Whether you are the one leaving, or the one joining, or even if you aren’t any of the aforementioned, you really can feel the emotions behind every moment. It’s the thing about life. Life goes on, no matter what. And right now, I am here. I look forward to the coming year. 2013. It might be better, it might be worse. But whatever it will be, it will be. A generation makes way for the next. And someday, it will be my turn to pass on the baton, even though that day may be far away.

For now, things will happen. And it is only within our ability to live each day to the fullest.

Really, the year is coming to a close. Of course, thanksgiving for the year would be due. But not now, pretty tired. Shall post more soon. There’s a lot of things I would want to talk about.



God bless,



EDIT : Noticed how I casually missed out Christmas? Yeah, it was a horrible one. Sometimes, merry doesn’t seem so merry. But Christmas is still CHRISTmas. To God whom all glory is due. And to you, my friend, my friend of old.. Merry Christmas.

What are words.

For me, I always made it a habit to take some time off, whether is it on the bus or before I sleep, to just simply go and read posts of a few other WordPress. Of course the new posts, not those that I’ve read. Well, only with a few exceptions.

Some belong to my friend, while others belong to people that I do not know. Its always a habit of mine.

I love to write. Only a few other things could make me happier than writing. And one of those things is reading.

Whether its churning or absorbing words, both of them feels like food to my mind. Healthy, nutritious.

Over the last few years, I learnt that to improve, you do not write more. You read more.

Words would be one of the ways the people use to express themselves. And thence exist the many different form of writings.

But of course, there are words that aren’t so good.

And this little line gave me a little food for thought. I read this on one of my.. friend’s wordpress. Paraphrased:

If we weren’t taught that vulgarities aare what they are, would we see them as what they are?

December mood

I seem to be busy all the way from right about now to next year. And it seems like I’m running out of both time and things to talk about here.

Not sure if that’s a good sign or not. There exists within me a weird vibe to do many things, but sadly, due to many restraints (and reality), I’m not able to. And i would say that one of those things would be to actually write something more substantial. Whether is it a ridiculously long post or some other form or words, it will suffice.

But alas, there’s no time and there’s me being a lazy little worm at times.

So, how have you been? The end of the year is coming, and along with it, the festival greetings and moods. Bear in mind though, the real reason why Christmas exists, and its best gift anyone can ever receive.

Its a month of appreciation, celebration and just enjoying the company of one another. And it seems like a perfect time to do more good. Christmas time would also be the perfect chance to invite friends to churches for an evangelistic chance.

Many a times, do people forget the real meaning of Christmas. Granted, there’s gifts and presents and all. But truly, there’s something behind it.

The gift of salvation. And people should be celebrating. That on Christmas day, Christ was born on earth. Think about it. The true meaning of Christmas.

That’s all I’d post for now. Shall post again soon.

Lots of love,

God bless,


Where are you headed?

Do you know where are you going in life?

Is it where you want to be? Or you’re there because you simply allow yourself to drift to wherever?

Recently I’ve known a few people who have thoughts of changing the path that they’re taking.

Am i condemning them? No, not at all. I support them, on the contrary.

Take some time now and visualize yourself a few years from now. Would you be doing what you want to be doing? If you really want that visualization to be true, then what are you going to do to reach there?

If you do not like where you’re headed to, then why should you be afraid of changing things? You shouldn’t. Don’t waste your time doing things that you don’t like.

To be happy, do what you like.
To be successful, like what you do.

Shortcut to both? Do what you like in your life. It’s annoying that many nowadays are so materialistic. Granted, you need money for everything. But don’t you think that sometimes people are getting delusional about the priorities in life? And you would think that people would have any idea what should be the most important thing in their life when they’re a lot older than me, even.

I feel so frustrated, seeing people around me turning into mindless creatures, day by day.

If God can’t help them, nothing will.

Too late.

Too late.

Some things are lost forever the moment you lose them. Relationships, time or physical objects even.

Sadly, this applies to relationships the most. How often have you lost a friendship due to some trivial misunderstanding? Definitely quite a few.

But yet when time has passed, the wounds healed, is it always possible to salvage things? I don’t know.

Some things are gone the moment you dropped them. That’s the very reason why I’m very scared to drop certain things. Cus the moment its gone, its gone. It only exist in your memory as a familiar nostalgia.

I happened to watch an older episode of How I Met Your Mother. The episode whereby Ted broke up with Karen. Lily used the porch test and determined that Karen did not fit into their group. Ted imagined years later, that he and Karen was talking about Marshall.

‘Remember that college friend of yours who’s married to some shrill woman?’

‘Oh Marshall, I haven’t seen him in years.’

‘I didn’t liked him. Anyway, here’s his obituary.’

Ouch. I don’t think that’s the way you would want to remember a long lost friend. By seeing their obituaries and remembering that they were your friend years back.

I admit, I don’t want that. Honestly, who does? I want to be able to keep in touch with the people that means the most to me, even if we aren’t as close as before. Even if we aren’t on the best terms. I just hope that the relationships are never too late.

Lots of love,

God bless,