Silent vigil.

I felt strongly compelled to post something along this line.

Now, simply, just picture your hero.

What or who comes to mind? Superman? Batman? Spiderman or some other man?

Or, is it someone real? Some warhero? A genius in business? Or a successful entrepreneur?

Or is it someone personal? Like, maybe your parents? Friends? Someone whom you adore?

Why is it that I feel compelled to press things like this? I’ve been seeing posts by others. About people helping other strangers, or simply going all out the way just to do a little something for them.

I’ve seen posts that aren’t so good as well. I’ve seen people saying how they did not made an effort about helping someone and regretting it later afterwards.

It’s often how simple for us to notice what is it that we want at the cost of others. We always do what benefits us instead of what benefits others.

It’s not hard to find certain instances of the examples in public areas, the best being the public commute. Very so often when someone elderly or the like boards the bus, how many people actually give up their seats for them? How many just look them in the eye and just look away like they do not exist. Yet if people do, how many of them do it willingly? Most of the time I see people giving up their seats for someone else, they do it grudgingly, as if the person own them their life.

Why do things if you don’t even want to do it in the first place? It’s not just about what you actually do, but rather it’s more about what attitude you have when doing it.

When they say that humanity is at peril, don’t always perceive it as the world is coming to an end. No, it doesn’t always mean that.

I think that humanity is at peril. Rather, humanity in itself. People are losing their compassion, in my humble opinion. The masses nowadays are possessed and obsessed with materialism, so much so that they lose the ability to find beauty in simple things in life. And I really cannot stand it. I can’t seeing people turning to stone, turning to ice, not caring about people around them, whether they know them or not. Granted, there’s still people who have the compassion, but how many of those kind of people exist still? And it’s not as if they’ll be around forever. The world we live in is not a proper habitat for compassion. The way that people live in is absolutely terrible. And just by looking at some people I know, I really wonder how God will help them. But I’m not God. God is amazing and wonderful and loves everyone, compassionate or not. The world is in need of help. Terribly.

You know what is it that we can do? Be our own heroes. It’s not that hard to take the initiative and rise up to do the right things. It doesn’t matter if you get recognition for it, or not. Why don’t people want to make this world a better place to live in? Just because now we live in highrise buildings, does it mean that our hearts must be as hard as the walls that surround us? Regardless of how hard the wall is, it only takes a little effort to break them down. That one step.

So go on. Be that vigilante in your own right.

Lots of Love,

God bless,



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