Too late.

Too late.

Some things are lost forever the moment you lose them. Relationships, time or physical objects even.

Sadly, this applies to relationships the most. How often have you lost a friendship due to some trivial misunderstanding? Definitely quite a few.

But yet when time has passed, the wounds healed, is it always possible to salvage things? I don’t know.

Some things are gone the moment you dropped them. That’s the very reason why I’m very scared to drop certain things. Cus the moment its gone, its gone. It only exist in your memory as a familiar nostalgia.

I happened to watch an older episode of How I Met Your Mother. The episode whereby Ted broke up with Karen. Lily used the porch test and determined that Karen did not fit into their group. Ted imagined years later, that he and Karen was talking about Marshall.

‘Remember that college friend of yours who’s married to some shrill woman?’

‘Oh Marshall, I haven’t seen him in years.’

‘I didn’t liked him. Anyway, here’s his obituary.’

Ouch. I don’t think that’s the way you would want to remember a long lost friend. By seeing their obituaries and remembering that they were your friend years back.

I admit, I don’t want that. Honestly, who does? I want to be able to keep in touch with the people that means the most to me, even if we aren’t as close as before. Even if we aren’t on the best terms. I just hope that the relationships are never too late.

Lots of love,

God bless,



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