December mood

I seem to be busy all the way from right about now to next year. And it seems like I’m running out of both time and things to talk about here.

Not sure if that’s a good sign or not. There exists within me a weird vibe to do many things, but sadly, due to many restraints (and reality), I’m not able to. And i would say that one of those things would be to actually write something more substantial. Whether is it a ridiculously long post or some other form or words, it will suffice.

But alas, there’s no time and there’s me being a lazy little worm at times.

So, how have you been? The end of the year is coming, and along with it, the festival greetings and moods. Bear in mind though, the real reason why Christmas exists, and its best gift anyone can ever receive.

Its a month of appreciation, celebration and just enjoying the company of one another. And it seems like a perfect time to do more good. Christmas time would also be the perfect chance to invite friends to churches for an evangelistic chance.

Many a times, do people forget the real meaning of Christmas. Granted, there’s gifts and presents and all. But truly, there’s something behind it.

The gift of salvation. And people should be celebrating. That on Christmas day, Christ was born on earth. Think about it. The true meaning of Christmas.

That’s all I’d post for now. Shall post again soon.

Lots of love,

God bless,



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