What are words.

For me, I always made it a habit to take some time off, whether is it on the bus or before I sleep, to just simply go and read posts of a few other WordPress. Of course the new posts, not those that I’ve read. Well, only with a few exceptions.

Some belong to my friend, while others belong to people that I do not know. Its always a habit of mine.

I love to write. Only a few other things could make me happier than writing. And one of those things is reading.

Whether its churning or absorbing words, both of them feels like food to my mind. Healthy, nutritious.

Over the last few years, I learnt that to improve, you do not write more. You read more.

Words would be one of the ways the people use to express themselves. And thence exist the many different form of writings.

But of course, there are words that aren’t so good.

And this little line gave me a little food for thought. I read this on one of my.. friend’s wordpress. Paraphrased:

If we weren’t taught that vulgarities aare what they are, would we see them as what they are?


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