This side up!


The number of days since I last updated. December has been relatively busy for me, what with all the camps and events and all. And it’s nighttime now, some peaceful and quiet time to write.

Things had been.. great. Let’s just start off the list.

There was the youth camp. It was.. really great for me. I really had a good time bonding with the people, a good time learning more about God and discipleship and also learning about what it means to be a leader. ( I can’t stress this enough, there’s always something new to learn everytime you lead. ) Through the camp, I felt revitalized. Only thing about this kind of feel is that, it doesn’t last. You get hyped up for a few days, tops, then it dies down and it’s back to the normal ta ta lifestyle. Not very healthy is it? It takes consistent discipline and prayer to do what’s right and not what’s easy. Still, the camp was, nonetheless, fun and a life-changing experience. To really take up the cross, not as a burden, but as a joyous lifestyle.


What’s next? Ah yes, there’s the fellowship event, the Christmas party. I was the emcee for the event alongside Jeremy Kwan. Admittedly, I felt as if I didn’t really do a good job in helping to plan, organise and run the event. I admit, there’s quite a lot of.. procrastination on my side. Still.. Really glad that the event took place. A chance to know everyone better ( there’s never too much fellowship ) , and to meet new people as well! It was like a follow up for the camp.


Next? Probably the cyber-fishing two or three days back. I guess, it really helped me in making a decision as to stay in SYFC or not. I guess, sometimes, I really could not understand what is it that is going on in my head. But after some talk with Reggie, I guess I’m slightly more clearer now, but still, I’ve yet to come to a decision though. If I get the chance, I wish I could talk to Jolynn about it. Not that others can’t help me with it, I just feel that Jolynn understands me better than most at times. It’s really a thought. My passion, I feel like I cannot channel it properly, as if I can’t find a good output. I don’t know. I really don’t know sometimes. I feel as if I’m being restrained sometimes. Not that the things are tying me down. Rather I feel like I am being restrained by reality. Of course, who isn’t? But more often that not, I feel them too much.


Then there’s the cell outing on Thursday. Yeah, that was fun, really really great. It’s been too long since we had a cell outing! I haven’t got much to say for the day, but I’m really happy. Yeah. Probably made the rest of the year, and hopefully the next as well. Something something!

Simply the best people.

Simply the best people.

Then, there was.. today. Or rather, yesterday, since it’s already 2:06 at this point. Friday, 28th October. Appreciation and inauguration night. It was a good night. Thanksgiving to the older leaders who will be stepping down, and welcoming the younger blood, or the new leaders. Being a new leader myself, it was really significant to me. It’s one of the process I learnt in life.

No matter how many events such as this that you’ve been to, attended or planned, it’s different each and single time. I’ve been to at least 4 passing out parades in my time in NPCC. There’s all the graduation ceremony, swearing ceremony and what not as well. And it’s a simple fact of life. The old must make way for the new. The seniors graduate and the juniors enter. After the years of being together, the thought of separating really brings tears. Whether you are the one leaving, or the one joining, or even if you aren’t any of the aforementioned, you really can feel the emotions behind every moment. It’s the thing about life. Life goes on, no matter what. And right now, I am here. I look forward to the coming year. 2013. It might be better, it might be worse. But whatever it will be, it will be. A generation makes way for the next. And someday, it will be my turn to pass on the baton, even though that day may be far away.

For now, things will happen. And it is only within our ability to live each day to the fullest.

Really, the year is coming to a close. Of course, thanksgiving for the year would be due. But not now, pretty tired. Shall post more soon. There’s a lot of things I would want to talk about.



God bless,



EDIT : Noticed how I casually missed out Christmas? Yeah, it was a horrible one. Sometimes, merry doesn’t seem so merry. But Christmas is still CHRISTmas. To God whom all glory is due. And to you, my friend, my friend of old.. Merry Christmas.


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