For the year behind, and the year ahead. Pt.1

It’s the end of the year now, and like I mentioned in the previous post, all the usual thanksgiving for the year are due. And I guess I’ll start now, since it’s already the 30th December on my side.

So.. The list is long!

Let me just start with the names that come to my mind first! The list shall have no order whatsoever!

Shi Yin

My dear frover. Really thank you for everything this year. We were still sort of dating at the start of this year. But since it didn’t work out, I really am very grateful that we managed to save our friendship and all that is precious to us. I really treasure all that we have. The year, my life, would be totally different without you. Even though we had a lot of fights and quarrels, I really am glad that we are done with that phase of life, and are just simply enjoying our friendship. Thank you for the endless moments that you were there for me, always being that one person I could always depend on for motivation, some care and concern and a listening ear 247, 365 a year. Thank you, for everything. For being my rocker frover. I hope that the year ahead will be better for you, and that God will bless you in His miraculous ways. Never lose the faith, always have hope and confidence in yourself. I really hope that this precious friendship of ours will never die. And I will always love you like the friend I said I will be to you.


Hey mum, really, thanks for everything. I’m seriously glad that I really know you, for being my mum and that person who reminds myself to do the things that I should do. Some times, when the going gets tough, we all need someone we can trust. And when I need you to be around, I find you a caring friend no matter when. And I really am thankful for that. There are some matters I know I can trust you with and that you are able to understand how I feel better than most. That kind of feeling is a feeling that everyone wants. When someone understands you. I hope that the year ahead will be a wonderful one, that you will be able to get the course of study you want. Also, hope that next year as new leaders, we can really serve God in all ways and that you will always have that heart for Christ, the passion. Love you loads mum!

Ming Hui

I know of a few people who say that I’m a mini version of you. And I do hope that’s true, because you’re like a role model to me, both in terms of life and as a soldier of God. The 2 years of you as our cell leader had been a terrific one. Really, thank you for all that you had done for us. Whether is it telling us your lame jokes or giving us your advice, it really means something to me. Since now you’re in the army and will be pretty busy, I pray that you will have enough of time to rest as well. Since you’re going to be my mentor, I really look forward to that!


Hey crazy man! Really, thanks for the year! Got to know you A LOT better over the year. From someone I know as my cell member, to a person I can go crazy with, the year had really bond us together. The days where we just game away or we just poke some fun at annoyed people, it really made a difference. It helped me to see you in a different light. Though it was quite a pity that you couldn’t attend church most of the year because you had to study. I hope that you would be able to get to where you want in the upcoming year, the JC that you want to attend. And really, bring Jimmy I and Jimmy II to church someday!


If you ever thought that it’s random to have your name here, no, it’s not. Truly, I am grateful to know you and have you as a friend for the past year. Granted, we knew each other for less than a year, seeing how the academic year doesn’t start on January itself. I am sincerely thankful for you, for being that one person who reminds me the importance of being diligent and that hardwork is needed to reach where you want to be. That being said, sometimes it’s not always a given that with hardwork, success will almost immediately come abounding. To me, you remind the need of resilience and perseverance. You never give up in your studies and I admire that. Because it reminds me the need to work hard. And you are quite the good friend to me as well. I do hope that in the upcoming year, you will face less struggles in every aspect of your life and that you will be able to achieve what you aim to achieve.


Hey sheep. Na na na na na na! How had the year been for you? I sometimes look back at my life, and see that some of my greatest friendships happened in a random way! And it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the friendship between you and me is one of those. I don’t even remember how we became friends. But still, sheep, if ever a day I talked to you in the most random and crazy way I can think up of, I can always count on you to respond in an equally stupid and crazy way. Thanks for the year. You’re one crazy friend I’m glad to have! Tomato face!

Alright! That’s all for now! I will lengthen the list soon when I have more time!


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