For the year behind, and the year ahead. Pt.2

You would have probably realised that the previous post was marked Pt. 1 for a reason. So, this is part 2 out of possibly 3.


It’s kind of different seeing how I known you more only towards the end of the year. Well, we just met in the afternoon so the impression is still strong. So, yeah. Seeing how spontaneous and how enthusiastic you are about the future 2 years, it really excites me even more. And nevertheless, I really am glad that I won’t be doing this alone. Of course, we are never alone in another aspect. But still, I grateful that I got to know you a little bit better over the past few months. The 2 years ahead for us both will definitely be a life-changing experience, alongside the two of us and the people that will be in our cell group. The coming 2 years, I do hope that we will get to know each other better and that we can really do our best in glorifying God and being the proper cell leaders that we are called to be. Granted, the 2 years will hold other distractions and difficulties, but if God called us here, then I’m pretty sure that God will be with us in good times and bad times.

Si Xuan

You’re one kind of a crazy sister that I have. With no doubt, 2012 without you will be a different story. Thanks for all the craziness you given your brother, because he truly appreciates each and single moment. Not just the nonsense, but also the times we can talk to each other about things that plague us. In the coming year ahead, I do pray that your walk with God will reach a more intimate level. And that you can really do well in studies as well. Don’t ever be a slacker like me!


I can never stress how much you help to maintain my sanity in school. You’re that one person I know that have the same views as me with regards to certain things. Seriously, thanks for being the understanding one when I have misunderstandings with people in our class. Not just that, I’m really glad that you’re in my PEP group. That at least I won’t be doing it with people I do not know that well yet. And also for being the person I could talk to about random things as well. For you I pray that God will use you to reach out to people in your life, and that regardless of your choice of action, that your studies will be fruitful.


What are the chances that you will read this? I don’t think I will ever start this WordPress at all without you. Your typepad had inspired me to do this, this 192th post. I cannot imagine 2012 without knowing you. You were my shepherd and I’m really grateful that you were there to help me with some issues in my life. Whether it’s the bread and butter, or it’s some other things, your advice and insight have always helped me in doing the things that I should be doing. That being said, it’s been quite a long time since I last saw you since you went to China. Well, anyway! For you I pray that your passion for God will never be dampened. Continue to seek and glorify Him in all that you do!

And that’s all for pt. 2 right! I daresay that this is my last WordPress post for 2012.

I do hope that in the coming year, everyone will have…

a bit more of happiness,

a bit more of joy,

a bit more of love,

a bit more of peace,

a bit more of faith

and a bit more of hope.

Of course, do have…

a lesser amount of hatred,

a lesser amount of sadness,

a lesser amount of anger,

a lesser amount of despair,

a lesser amount of bitterness

and a lesser amount of grief.

I do pray that God will bless each and every single one in the coming year. God had been faithful, loving and amazing since the dawn of time. A new year means more chances for God’s wonder to be seen in our lives. Don’t forget to take some time and marvel at His awe. To God, all praise is due.

Happy new year!

God bless,

Lots of love,



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