Think about it.

I think that the way God works and places things is miraculous yet far beyond our understanding. Don’t you think so?

I guess at this point of time, I’m re-shuffling some priorities. I daresay that certain things, I’m doing them the wrong way. Or rather, I’m not giving certain issues the proper amount of attention that they deserve. So yeah.

Yesterday was.. Sunday. Covenant Sunday. It’s just a time to make a Covenant with God. Or rather, I like to think of it as having a promise.

Its easily mistaken to see things as this way..

‘I do.. therefore God will..’

Who are we kidding?

Its not what we do, but who God is. The Gospel has the ability to change lives. But, do we understand how?

God loves us for who we are. I think that’s the important part. Regardless of who we are. So much so that He sent His one and only Son to die for us. For the sins of this world, sins of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

He’s already forgiven you for the mistakes you made yesterday. And the wrongs you done today. And the sins you will commit tomorrow. All waived off.

Because God never changes. He’s the same since the dawn of time. The God in the Bible is the same God right now. And He empowers us to do things that seek impossible to us.

But here’s the thing. What’s your response?

‘We chose to love Him in reply.’

God does this.. therefore we do this..

We love because He loved us first.

Think about it.


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