A spring in my step, with all the wintry around me.

Freezing like mad in here, but since I’m still waiting for people to be done with their DSAG lab test, so I’d figured out that I would have sometime to post a new post maybe!

Seems like I haven’t been posting much. But unlike my peers, who are busy mostly with their assignments and projects, I seem to be busy with other aspect in my life instead.

Not that I don’t have that much work, rather, I would like to see myself as a different kind of worker instead. I’m not the kind who works well with schedules, being more suitable with ad-hoc kind of situations. Only then can I feel the pressure and thus the need, the drive ad the motivation to really do my work. Swings both ways, frankly, if you ask me.

I guess right now, I still do have time to polish off my work. The ones that are due by this week are either submitted or pending presentation and the like.

Also, I’ve taken some time off yesterday to make a few changes to my WordPress. I always find Bible verses to be reassuring and applicable to anyone and everyone at any time, in every situation of their lives. There’s a list of… emergency Bible verses that might help, though the list could be longer, but I’m sure the page will be even less readable. I just don’t really like a page being ridiculously long.

Other than that, I also started something, perhaps I would call it a different take on prayer. Now if I do find the time, I’m going to update some of the prayers I have.

Now, prayer doesn’t have to be limited to only the verbal kind. You can draw them out, write them out, sing them out, dance them out even. I prefer to draw or write them out. What method of expression will be determined  by yourself in question of course.

Well, seems like my writing style varied somewhat. Oh well.

I’m still waiting here, and this keyboard don’t really suit my taste, maybe thence the different style of writing. The ‘n’ key is pretty insensitive.

It’s really freezing.

Now I think back to yesterday, perhaps that moment yesterday, was probably one of the longest moment in my life that I had ever experienced. That moment. Oh how it felt like an eternity to me.

I should have plucked up my courage. But that being said by someone else, I guess at times we really do need to loosen our grip on certain things. I don’t think that it would be healthy to be obsessed about things. Well, most things anyway.

You’re different you know. You’re so much different as compared to others that I know. I don’t know why but you just render me weak and powerless the moment I see you, or even the moment when you are near me. It’s as if I’m forever cursed, or blessed, to be captivated, mesmerised by you.

Doesn’t sound too healthy, I know.

But if it goes away that easily, the feelings are less than real and I’m less than worthy.

I digress.

Oh well. Till then..


Lots of Love,

God bless,



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