Disentangle, please.

Plenty of people around me are able to impact me. More than I know it. In a subconscious way.

Some things shouldn’t be said, but they are, anyway.

Some things shouldn’t be heard, but they are, anyway.

Some things shouldn’t be done, but they are, anyway.

Does it matter?

We are so caught up in the daily ongoing in our lives, so much so that we forget that life exists not just within us, but around us as well. 

The horrible truth is that most of us are naturally self-centered and selfish. 

Think of the last time, you took some time to disengage yourself, and marvel at the things around you? 

Increasingly, we see more and more, how is it that human nature changed.

We see things that people do, and we restore our faith in humanity.

Anything wrong with that sentence?

Yes. Every part of the sentence is wrong.

Why is it that we wait for others to restore our faith, and not we ourselves restoring the faith of others? 

Do you ever think, that there is things that you can do, for the sake of humanity?

If you think, if you argue, if you seek to differ, if you claim that you can’t, that there is nothing that you can do, then you are more wrong than you think.


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