For all it’s worth.

I don’t know how to express this feeling inside of me. It feels bubbly and weird at the same time. It’s as if this feeling doesn’t belong to me and that it’s my first time feeling this. It’s feels foreign.

Some days, you just want things to go back to how they were before. But you can’t. The past stay in the past, that’s it. Frozen in time, they stay.

I really miss us. I miss our friendship. But seeing how we are already in 2013, and yet, we are still the same strangers. Seeing you, looking at the traces of you, I really miss our friendship. So many things have changed, so long since we last talked. But the feeling cannot be mistaken. It feels like..

If we ever be friends again, I feel that we can relate to one another immediately, that we can fit perfectly into each other’s lives like we used to be. I miss that. I really do.

You used to be someone who meant the world to me. But now, we seem to be of two different worlds.

Should worlds ever collide, I hope ours does.

Strangers with some memories, passerby with some attachment, neighbours of worlds apart.


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