Mountain cow.

It’s Wednesday here.

I don’t know when, but since some time ago, I noticed this one thing about Wednesdays. About this.. thing.

All that is between, is a mere sheet of glass, a thin panel of wall. That is what stands between. But what is between is, is more than just there. There’s too many things. But they don’t belong anywhere. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to put, nowhere to throw. It’s just there. Invisible, yet present.

I guess I haven’t been feeling myself lately, being affected by random things of late. Seems like only by typing or reading, am I able to hold myself together.

Things have been slightly off. Was rushing quite a bunch of assignments for the last few days. Well, yesterday was an off for me.

We went around, had some sushi buffet and a movie. It was good though the movie was slightly draggy. It really helped to unwind me, otherwise right now, in the midst of this annoying assignment, I probably would have lost my sanity. So many errors and less-than-helpful explanations for those errors. Oh well. I guess I should just persevere till the end, March holidays is around the corner, sort of. 7 weeks long break. I think I’ll do nothing and just roll around in those 7 weeks or so. Probably getting a job or something will help combat the listlessness that comes along with long breaks.

Guess I’ll update more later after I’m finished with my struggle with this assignment for today. Till then. Tata.


Lots of love,

God bless,



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