A gust, a gale, a valiant bluster.

Wild awake. Sitting here alone in the aftermath of a vicious storm. Picking up the remnants, the remains, the leftovers. What was once a majestic lodging is now reduced to less than smithereens. The shard of glass lay freshly broken in your hands. Yet, a ray of purest light can still be shone from it. Alas, chunks of what used to be something beautiful, is all you are left with.

Looking back to yesterday, I realised that taking more time, spending more time doing my assignments, isn’t as bad as I thought. I guess that reality had caught up with me. That the need to spend more time doing what should be done, has finally taken it’s hold in me. And rightly so, because I do hope that I have enough time left.

I’m feeling rather off nowadays. It’s as if I’m thinking on two tracks, switching left and right all the while. And suddenly, right now, I don’t think myself in the right mind to type more. I feel sick.

Ridiculously sick. And I have no idea why. Today was a terrible day, to some certain extent. I hope that the night will be better.

And yet. When what you desired, what you yearned for, chances by with a chance. And you. You’re still stuck there, mustering what courage you have left, ravaged by the storm. And your strength, dwindled from guarding your treasures. And when what you desired, comes along, where’s your fire, to light that candle? 


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