Jesus is..

Last Friday for cell group, we did an activity. ‘Jesus is ____’

We know for certain who Jesus is. The Messiah, the Saviour, the Lamb, the Way, the Truth and the Light.

But, of course, Jesus is more than that. Jesus means everything to us. But what everything might mean to everyone, is a different thing in itself.

Jesus is …

the paint to the canvas.

the fire in the hearth.

the dew in the morning.

the spring in my step.

the rain in the desert.

the honey in the flower.

the scent in the fields.

In our own context, Jesus, is the motion of life.

What’s so amazing about God is that, He is the same God today as the God that we read about in the Bible. And the same Son that God sent to die for us, is the same Jesus that is in our lives.

If you tell someone, that ghosts exist in the world, chances are, they wouldn’t believe until they see it for their own eyes. And God knew this. Jesus is the physical manifestation of the Trinity. And God sent Jesus to die for us. Jesus, who is fully Man and fully God. So that all can see and believe in Him.

Yet, is it by faith that we truly believe.


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