They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. But what power does it hold, when compared to words, sentences and phrases. Just with words, can we paint colours that even the mind could not comprehend, sounds that even your ears can never pick up, sights that your eyes can never behold.

Some days, we need to make time for ourselves. Not time to do duties, but simply time to relax and put ourselves at ease. Many a beauties lie in this world, and not a lifetime is sufficient for us to grasp them all.

Take some time, and feed your mind. Do things that cheer yourself up. Things that give your life pause.

Humans are creature of the moment, but seldom of this.

Dwelled are the times in the past, worrying about the grievances of yesterday, irrelevant as yesterday’s weather.

Worried are the times that have yet to come, troubling about the sadness of tomorrow, imminent but not yet relatable.

What about now? Today, right now, you are you. Take heart and enjoy, bask in the moment.

Because, you are here.


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