I haven’t been posting much. To be honest, nothing new for almost two weeks. I felt like I haven’t written anything for years. Still, kinda surprised that I still get quite a bunch of views for the past week or so.

So, how have you been? I confess, I’m running out of things to write. Life is.. slow paced nowadays. I’m kind of desperate for a drastic change, but I guess, I’m better suited to a life like this, so there!

Good Friday was really good. The service was good. I think the analogy was really good too.

It described how Jesus changes our heart. Just like a cardio-surgeon changes the heart of a patient.

For the patient to receive that heart, that life, someone had to die. Just like how we receive life, Jesus had to die for us. Don’t you think it’s paradoxical sometimes? That to gain life, life had to be lost in the first place?

Even after doing a heart transplant, the patient can’t just jump around. He still needs to take his medicine daily as well. It reflects on how after receiving Christ and having a change of heart, you still need to do do things to keep it going. You still need to read your Bible, do your quiet time, worshiping Him and attend services.

Yes, people are different after receiving a change of heart, but what are we doing, to keep our spiritual life going?



Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Even if its just the tip of the iceberg, I’d guess that sometimes its best to just let it float along on its own will.

The more I think about it, the more I feel as if I left something behind somewhere along the line.

Should I go back and get it?

But.. its behind. Things stay at the back, because they are meant to. Yet, sometimes I’m unsure I’ll be able to live well without that particular thing.

But what if i went back, and yet in the end getting caught by my ownself? What if i went back, and never returned?

I will need to learn to trust the providence of God more and more. I spend too much time relying on myself.

But ifI fail. And at times like this, failure means game over.

I don’t have a lot of things left. Be it patience, or time, there’s not able lot left.

Just because a glimpse is promising, doesn’t mean that the grass is always greener. Promises aren’t ever reliable.

Chimes the Etwahl.

The sky turns dark. But it has no omen, whatsoever. Showers of blessings are imminent. Yet, who will it be, that opens and receive all this grace?

Life doesn’t have to be sad all the while, even if it’s saddening and filled with sob stories. Life doesn’t have to be joyous and glorious all year round, even if it’s only sunshine and rainbows.

18 years of my life.

Life, is what you make out of it. In rain, in shine. Whether it is the overbearing heat, or the relentless cold, grow to appreciate them as blessings, and you will never walk another day with the taste of sadness. Even sadness itself, can be gratifying.

What is birthday? Birthday is when God sends you to earth. He places you in this family, in this school, in our lives. Be it whatever that has happened, blessed are those around.

Some days, even if on days like this, gloom doesn’t mean it’s bad. You simply grow. One step closer to who you are meant to be.

Every step a step of faith.

Even if it’s just baby steps.

The cross before me, the world behind me.

The crowd says do.

The cross says done.

What does Good Friday mean to you? And what does Easter means to you?

When your days are lonely and full of solitude, the Holy Spirit is administering to you. The Lord God leads you with His hand. So calm down your heart and listen to what the Father has to say to you.

Two voices.

The crowd and the cross.

Which one, is louder to you?

Ecclesiastes 12:1 NIV

Remember your Creator
in the days of your youth,
before the days of trouble come
and the years approach when you will say,
“I find no pleasure in them”—

Faith is..

Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that God will.

Simple words that I happened to chance across today, but 13 words packed a punch more than many other millions will.

Faith is something.. complex, yet at the same time, it’s essential for all of us as human beings. Without faith, we are akin to emotionless, stone-cold robots.