Chimes the Etwahl.

The sky turns dark. But it has no omen, whatsoever. Showers of blessings are imminent. Yet, who will it be, that opens and receive all this grace?

Life doesn’t have to be sad all the while, even if it’s saddening and filled with sob stories. Life doesn’t have to be joyous and glorious all year round, even if it’s only sunshine and rainbows.

18 years of my life.

Life, is what you make out of it. In rain, in shine. Whether it is the overbearing heat, or the relentless cold, grow to appreciate them as blessings, and you will never walk another day with the taste of sadness. Even sadness itself, can be gratifying.

What is birthday? Birthday is when God sends you to earth. He places you in this family, in this school, in our lives. Be it whatever that has happened, blessed are those around.

Some days, even if on days like this, gloom doesn’t mean it’s bad. You simply grow. One step closer to who you are meant to be.

Every step a step of faith.

Even if it’s just baby steps.


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