I haven’t been posting much. To be honest, nothing new for almost two weeks. I felt like I haven’t written anything for years. Still, kinda surprised that I still get quite a bunch of views for the past week or so.

So, how have you been? I confess, I’m running out of things to write. Life is.. slow paced nowadays. I’m kind of desperate for a drastic change, but I guess, I’m better suited to a life like this, so there!

Good Friday was really good. The service was good. I think the analogy was really good too.

It described how Jesus changes our heart. Just like a cardio-surgeon changes the heart of a patient.

For the patient to receive that heart, that life, someone had to die. Just like how we receive life, Jesus had to die for us. Don’t you think it’s paradoxical sometimes? That to gain life, life had to be lost in the first place?

Even after doing a heart transplant, the patient can’t just jump around. He still needs to take his medicine daily as well. It reflects on how after receiving Christ and having a change of heart, you still need to do do things to keep it going. You still need to read your Bible, do your quiet time, worshiping Him and attend services.

Yes, people are different after receiving a change of heart, but what are we doing, to keep our spiritual life going?


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