Over there.

When you’re striving to expand your horizons, don’t forget to check on your being.

Is change always better?

I hearsay that you’re different now. I mean, we all are. But, you’re.. changed.

I know that I cannot simply expect you to stay the same. But that being said, I do not know what to expect from you, either way.

I don’t want to deny the fact that I missed you. But with regards to what I divulged today, I guess the going gets tough for us both.

If a tree falls in a forest without anyone to hear it, does it make a sound?

Sometimes, I don’t like how.. ‘integrated’ all of this is. It calls for awkward and messy situations. And, I have no idea how to handle it..

The universe does not like its porridge and peas mixed together.

Neither do I.


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