That little snag.

Trust works like a bridge. Two way, dependent on both sides. 

I find it refreshing that life works in a way no one can comprehend. We can say one thing, and something happens along to way to make us feel another.


I feel frustrated right now, irregardless of what I said earlier in the day. I feel cooped up.





Either it’s the listlessness, or the helplessness that is doing all those to me. It’s driving me crazy.

When you’ve been kept away for a long time, the first sign of sunlight hits you. It leaves you breathless, helpless. It leaves you craving for more.

I’m just kinda lost. And it’s terrible. No one likes getting lost.

A glimmer. That’s barely healthy. It keeps you going after it blindly without a thought to anything else in the world. 


For all that it’s worth, I’m probably barking up the wrong tree. Hmph.


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