Well, that didn’t take too long to bring it collapsing down.

I.. need time for myself. So much so that its starting to make me feel like I’m not myself.

Yet, I still crave for your attention. Even if its just one look, one glance, one text. But how does that happen when you don’t even know what I have for you. 

It’s ridiculously tough, ridiculously insane and ridiculously impossible.

The mere thought of it pushes me a little closer to the edge.

I hate this feeling. I hate this feeling so much, I could do any single thing just to dispel this feeling.

This negativity just seeps into me like nothing else, rotting my thoughts away, corroding the feelings, melting the emotions.

Caustic it is, I have no idea what the cause exactly is.

Just some random affliction. Bound.



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