When you stopped believing, you stopped living.

Somedays, you’re not even remotely sure of what you’re doing. You just continue, carry on. Even when you have no idea, somedays you have no choice, either. There’s only so much we all know. So much we can do. So much we are capable of. So, why force yourself when you’ve hit the limit?

Spending time on pushing past your limit is idealistic at best. When you finally realise that there’s only so much you can do, by then its too late.

You’re a dreamer. A dreamer as much as me. We aim for idealism, only when we fall from height, do we grasp that somedays, to be flat footed is better than being lightheaded.

I knew I shouldn’t have went there. For all the small precious things that we had, I’ve gone and thrown it all away, once again. In pursuit of what we seek, blinded are we. We can’t even discern right from wrong. Who am I to even speak of it.

That just make me as blind as you. And it’s scary. The thought of groping in the darkness. Winding path.


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