No one does things by himself, on their own.

Think of it like how management exist. No one achieve great things on their own. It’s just.. reality in the way.

Days like this, I just wanna be thankful for this one person who had been with me since the start of this year, in almost every single aspect of my life.

This person, who provided me with help when I needed it, guidance when I sought for it, advice when I desired it.

So far, it’s really an amazing journey with you. I really appreciate it, when you tolerate all my nonsense whenever we are together, laugh at my jokes even though they are lame and not funny at all.

I’m really grateful, you know. I can’t imagine myself doing all of this alone.

Being someone a few years younger than you, I’m kinda glad, that you can give me advice that  no one else can give.


But still, the nature, the rule of life is that nothing last forever. One year, two years, five years. They all go by like smoke on the water. 

Guess all I can do right now is to just cherish what’s here. So.



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