From within the mirrors.

When you fall deeper and deeper, there will come a time when you’ll hit the moment.

And from that moment on, everything is torturing, nothing makes sense, and anything can bring you down. You just wish that you didn’t discover that moment. Because in that moment, agony felt everlasting.

It.. doesn’t even make sense, though seemingly logical still.

Can I say that I didn’t see this coming? No.

No, I can’t. I have already foreseen this. Yet, I feel.. odd.

I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve yet to decide whether is it bad for us, or good. The conclusion eludes me.

Oh, yes. It matters a lot, to determine the nature of this scenario. Its very sticky, yet unique.

Yet, its a startling piece. Didn’t expect it to fit, but it did. It revealed some of the picture to me. A better grasp at what it appears to be.
It just.. felt to be an ethical gray area. Oh, what should I do, say, and think? I’m not allowed to have a motive of my own. Just doesn’t work that way.

I admit, I’m not able to tell what’s going to happen next. No clue, no hint, not the slightest.

Should I intervene, even?

And.. the door closes. You’re not invited, otherwise you would have already crossed the threshold. Yet, you worry. Worry for what is, what is not. What may be, and what may not. And the only thing that you can do at this point, is to worry.

It’s at the back of my mind.



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