Where did all the passion go?

What was once the title, the mantle, the weight, the joy.

Yet, it all went down the drain overnight. It all disappeared as if they didn’t exist.

As if they didn’t count. As if they..

What would you count as precious to you? What are the things that you could never bring yourself to lose? Things that can never be replaced?

Yet. Some of those things, I’ve gone and lost them. Things that are priceless.

Things, that could make or break a person.

Sometimes, it could do both.

If your treasures are on earth, then you have already gone wrong, somewhere.

Yet, can you ever expect yourself to never make a mistake? Do you see yourself as someone perfect, invulnerable, invincible?

We all fail, somewhere along the line. We’ll realise that we can’t keep it all to ourselves.

And when that happens, where do you draw your grace, your strength from?

Where do you go, after being stranded?

Tu vas où?


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