366 days a year.

It’s been a year since I started this WordPress.

Time flies, doesn’t it? Too fast.

I still remember the exact purpose of me when I came up with my first post, albeit the sobriety that accompanies it.

But then, I guess I deviated from the initial purpose of this WordPress.

Regardless, a year is a year. It’s been a long year to me.

Compared to then, I guess that year changed me pretty badly.

Our friendship is more distant, but still as strong.

My matters with her are still sticky, but it’s a littler closer to the destination than how it was like back then.


This current post. It’s number #247.

I like to dream my dreams.

But those dreams are still as distant, still as elusive, even if they seem more realistic.

Dreams are still dreams, regardless.

A year of many.


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