Sleet and rain.

The path. Obscured.

Just because you cannot see where you are going, it gives you no grounds to stop. No time to pause.

The rain gets heavier. So does the weight upon your heart.

What do you do?

You had a feeling. That this is the absolute path. That by taking it, you could do no wrong, that you could make no mistakes.

Yet. The atmosphere encapsulating this choice. You can almost feel the very air trembling. As if something is approaching.

Close. Very.. close.

Nonetheless, you stick to this path. You are already too far down to be able to turn around.

The rain continues pouring down. It alleviates the situation, somewhat. But you know very well, that it is barely enough.

You can smell the rain. All around you. It captivates you. It helps you to feel alive. More than you did in years.

But the rain will stop, and soon.

What then?


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