Yeah, that’s the most apparent ‘A’ right now. Assignments, assignments and more assignments. Resulted in me not having enough time to anything else.

Can hardly blame it though. If the students do not focus on work and studies, then what else should they focus on?

But that being said, I remember you telling me that we shouldn’t spend our entire efforts on studies and forget about spending time with God.

We are called to be the Lord’s stewards as well, putting what He gave us under good management, and that includes time and gifts.

Still, can’t deny the importance of studies.

I cling onto your words like one lost at sea does with a drifting log.



I wanna try something new! So for the next.. 26 weeks (that’s half a year) I’ll have a topic each week that’s start with a letter. So this week will be ‘A’ and the next ‘B’ and so on, so forth!

So.. anticipation.

As of now, it’s 29th July. And it’s coming close to an end. I remember myself looking forward to July, very clearly. But with the end of this month, I can’t help but look to august with anticipation.

I’ve a few things, plans within plans, coming up. And in august, it’ll be seen if those things will come to fruition or naught.

To be honest, I detest the month of August. It’s normally a bad month for me. Maybe because bad memories are associated with it, or just the events that comes along with august, it’s normally a dull thing for me.

It’s not really an exception this time round, with only one or two things being different.

Still, guess detest and anticipation seldom come hand in hand.

Oh, well.

Pink elephants.

Happened to have a conversation yesterday that somehow circled around the control of thought.

If i say don’t think about a pink elephant, the chances are that you’ll think about it.

And if you’ll probably end up thinking about pink elephants for the next few minutes or so. Well, that’s for me anyway.

So, in relevance?

I’ve been trying to.. let certain things stay in the past where they belong, you might put it this way. And when someone means, or used to mean, a lot to you and that connection is abruptly severed, chances are that you spent a lot of time moping over it.

But what good does it do anyone if you mope over it for so long? It’s a timely reminder to myself as well, that many situations, we don’t always have to rely on ourselves to do something.

Sometimes, what we need to do is to do.. nothing.

So, pink elephants? There’s a lot of other animals of other colours out there. Why be colour blind when you can enjoy the full plethora and spectrum of colours life can offer you?



I made a few friends over the year through this WordPress, it’s kinda interesting, if you put it into perspective.

I hardly know any other people in my life that is as much a reader and writing as me. And, it’s kinda bad. I mean, I do know a few others who read, but I seldom know someone who writes as well.

And even if they do both, seldom do their amounts rival mine. Ops.

So, on some days, it’s interesting to remember that there are others around outside who are similar in thinking, hobby and interest.

To me, I think someone who is learned in English, reads and writes is someone who is exceedingly charming. Just think of all the old English plays and what not, and all their “Shakespeare” style of English. I’m generally mesmerized by all those things.

A lot of people in my country at my age do not really put importance into English, or language in general. To be honest, I’m not sure what do people put importance into, nowadays. It’s just all the boring things that, for the life of me, I can never feel any inclination to pay more attention to.

Still, I guess my lack of interest in their matters their lack in mine.


It’s been awhile.

Many things have happened. Some good ones, some bad ones. But it’s alright.

Everything happens for a reason.

Don’t blame anyone. I shown you the path and you decided to end it.

You decided that it was no longer worth investing in.

You never understood what I said.

And when you do, will I still be here?

It’s already July. Time is relative to perception. It’s going on too fast for me.

I can’t bear to think about that gap. Whatever am I going to do without someone as instrumental as you? I fear.

For some reasons, July had been a bittersweet event so far. And I’m already tired.

Can you blame the leave, when the tree lets go?