I made a few friends over the year through this WordPress, it’s kinda interesting, if you put it into perspective.

I hardly know any other people in my life that is as much a reader and writing as me. And, it’s kinda bad. I mean, I do know a few others who read, but I seldom know someone who writes as well.

And even if they do both, seldom do their amounts rival mine. Ops.

So, on some days, it’s interesting to remember that there are others around outside who are similar in thinking, hobby and interest.

To me, I think someone who is learned in English, reads and writes is someone who is exceedingly charming. Just think of all the old English plays and what not, and all their “Shakespeare” style of English. I’m generally mesmerized by all those things.

A lot of people in my country at my age do not really put importance into English, or language in general. To be honest, I’m not sure what do people put importance into, nowadays. It’s just all the boring things that, for the life of me, I can never feel any inclination to pay more attention to.

Still, I guess my lack of interest in their matters their lack in mine.


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