Pink elephants.

Happened to have a conversation yesterday that somehow circled around the control of thought.

If i say don’t think about a pink elephant, the chances are that you’ll think about it.

And if you’ll probably end up thinking about pink elephants for the next few minutes or so. Well, that’s for me anyway.

So, in relevance?

I’ve been trying to.. let certain things stay in the past where they belong, you might put it this way. And when someone means, or used to mean, a lot to you and that connection is abruptly severed, chances are that you spent a lot of time moping over it.

But what good does it do anyone if you mope over it for so long? It’s a timely reminder to myself as well, that many situations, we don’t always have to rely on ourselves to do something.

Sometimes, what we need to do is to do.. nothing.

So, pink elephants? There’s a lot of other animals of other colours out there. Why be colour blind when you can enjoy the full plethora and spectrum of colours life can offer you?



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