I wanna try something new! So for the next.. 26 weeks (that’s half a year) I’ll have a topic each week that’s start with a letter. So this week will be ‘A’ and the next ‘B’ and so on, so forth!

So.. anticipation.

As of now, it’s 29th July. And it’s coming close to an end. I remember myself looking forward to July, very clearly. But with the end of this month, I can’t help but look to august with anticipation.

I’ve a few things, plans within plans, coming up. And in august, it’ll be seen if those things will come to fruition or naught.

To be honest, I detest the month of August. It’s normally a bad month for me. Maybe because bad memories are associated with it, or just the events that comes along with august, it’s normally a dull thing for me.

It’s not really an exception this time round, with only one or two things being different.

Still, guess detest and anticipation seldom come hand in hand.

Oh, well.


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