Taking things at face value.

I really feel very nostalgic nowadays, always thinking back into the past, a few years ago. So many things have changed in the 2 years.

In the 2 years..

I lost my best friend.

I started tertiary education.

I decided to be a cell leader and I got to know Emily.

I got more involved in ministries.

I starting to accept and tried thinking from different perspectives.

I started this WordPress because of my first point.

I think many things can happen and change within 2 years. It adds more depth into a person’s story.

But while we are writing our own story, do we stop to look at the story of others? And what is beneath those physical appearances?

Some days I wish you were somewhere else, that it might be easier for me to handle and accept. But, no. And on certain days, the selfish voice inside me wished that you don’t exist or that you’re dead. Because I would have truly give up on the notion. It is a contagion, eating away at me from the inside. And it’s impossible to run away from yourself.

Some days, I wish you were still beside me. If not here, then where? I miss you so bad.


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