..want to change all this. All of our lousy, detrimental flaws, for something far greater, far better, far bigger, something from faraway.

I.. want to.

But I can’t..

Oh to be like You,

Give all I have just to know you.

Jesus, there’s no one besides You,

Forever the hope in my heart.



We all have a dream..

To be big, to be rich, to be powerful.

There’s nothing I rather want, than to be with you.

I need this..


Need you.


With everyday..

With every moment..

I can feel you falling closer. 

But fall, you will. It’s been a long time since, but I can really see, can really say that I’m ready to catch you.

Just waiting for the tipping point.

Waiting for the moment to come, that one moment that will be forever inscribed into our hearts.

And let them flutter.


As I stroll down memory lane, both physical and metaphorical ones, I can’t help but see the old in the new. The past among the changes.

And it hurts me. It hurts me knowing that people are too eager in throwing away memories for new things.

It’s not a bad thing. But I had expected certain people to hold more value in what once was. So many things happened.

I’m just glad that certain things are not due for a change just yet.

You used to be an epitome, an exemplar.

Maybe you’re too egoistic. But for the death of me, we’ll never find out.


Every time I think of you, or am reminded of you, I’m excited, happy.

Happy that I got to know you. And even though its been a while, and things weren’t always smooth for us, I’m still quite excited to know you.

I find you a panacea to my malaise.

Did I say something that made you run? Scared? It’s annoying that I have to try so hard to figure you out. And it’s nerve wrecking.

But I won’t pretend that I’m more than able to filter you out. And be my guest and return the favour.

Some days, other people just know which buttons to press to annoy me.


Every time that I am up earlier than usual, I have this little habit, a morning ritual whereby I’ll just go and poke through random WordPress posts on my reader.

I think it’s good, helps me to sober up from drowsiness. But sometimes, it reminds you with a sharp clarity about what are the things that others go through in their lives.

We might never understand how God works, but do we need to? I just need to know that He’s God, and that’s more than enough for me.

And while the layers of irony stack upon each other, I’ll laugh at it full in the face.

The chances of it not happening is so apt, that it actually occurred.

And I’m still quite caught off guard. Doesn’t mean that the tension isn’t alleviated, at least not for me.

… I still feel this invisible pressure still. Am I pressuring myself?

And I can tell, that something still haunts you. What that is, I know not. But it does not spare you of the agony, either.

You me both.