Frugality and fervency

I decided that it’s best for us to take things slower.

Even if you can’t tell, which I know you do, there’s actually a lot more for us to go on with. It’s just that we have yet to tap into that potential.

And it’s good if we are more frugal about this. Unlike others, we have no need for extravagance. Simplicity is the best for now.

But it doesn’t mean that we should lack fervor, either.

Me you both, we could go a long way. What that is left undefined is how we handle this.

Every single moment with you, that twinkle in your eyes.

All these are my deathtraps. I sink further and further in. Not that I am complaining. You’re not perfect, but you’re close enough.

Every thing with you, every moment, iridiscent.

But the rest, they do not understand. They never can.

And now, let the trials begin.


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