National Novel Writing Month!

It’s going to occupy my November month!

Somehow, one way or another, it reminds me of Project SY I last November.

I am really excited for this, since it’s really a good chance for me to flex my writing muscles and it’ll be a good time to pour some of the thoughts in my head into an output, seeing how they had been festering in my mind for a certain period of time now.

If you’re interested in NaNoWriMo or just want to find out more, go through here!



There were two twin brothers, who looked completely alike.

But despite that, they had two different personalities.

One was rebellious, worldly. Quick to anger, and hot headed.

The other was different. Kind, calm. Slow to anger, and full of sincerity.

One day, the worldly brother got terribly drunk, and in his foolishness, murdered a man.

Terrified, he fled the scene, covered in blood.

And soon, the police was hot on his heels.

When the worldly brother reached home, the kind brother asked him what happened.

Upon hearing, the kind brother took the worldly brother’s bloodstained clothes and turned himself in. And because they looked alike, the police believed him to be the murderer.

The brother was tried, and he was sentenced to murder. The worldly brother received a letter from him, and he is not to open it before the day of his execution.

The innocent brother was executed, and died in place of his worldly brother.

And when the worldly brother open the letter, simple words were inside.

I have died your death, so that you may live my life.

Sounds familiar? Sure does.


Just happened to remember this conversation a few days back.

But you’re quite close to her right?

Actually.. yeah.

Yeah, we’re quite close. But maybe I’m kinda scared that all that will change overnight.

Then it’ll be that all over again. Just hate all the mess it will bring.

Well, it’s still some time early to talk about all these. But let’s just hope that all’s well is well.

At least 2 letters down.

Love’s old charm

You never know how excited I am still for you.

And I’ve this irrational fear about you no longer being the same.

After that… day, you’ve changed. You’ve turned colder, more distant, more busy.

You’ve turned into someone I couldn’t reach as easy as I used to.

And it’s discomforting. I’ve become some attached, so accustomed to you. And despite having a trial ahead of us, I still am not ready for it.

Saddens me a little every time I think about it.

I guess this is how love is starting to work it’s magic. Because I can already feel it’s little warmth gnawing at me from inside, and don’t deny it’s charm in you, either.

It’s taking a little more every single day, but I already still feel you by my side. And it just get better with each day.

Guess this is what love feels like.

Welcome back, sweetheart.

A walk down memory lane

Pink Clouds Here

I had a weird dream (I was slamming things at school and at home and I dreamt that I was going to Taiwan WALAO I WANT TO GO THERE and then I stepped on a 2cm glass cube, <– that was totally IRR) this morning and then unknowingly I was looking back at the past again.
The past is beautiful.


It would be impossible for any human being to not feel down at all in their lives, that’s why when you walk down memory lane, you should not ignore the bad memories. By forgetting the sad memories, you are forsaking the happy ones, too, if you didn’t already realize that. Because it comes together, when there is happiness, there will be sadness. And when there is love, there will be hate/hurt.

You’ve probably had someone in your life telling you to forget and throw…

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The ‘sweetness’ of doing nothing!

ImageLifestyle, pleasant idleness minus the worry is something we must practise. There doesn’t have to be a purpose behind every action.

“What is this life if, full of care? We have no time to stand and stare.”

These lines from William Henry Davies’ poem, Leisure , point out the fast life which we all lead. A regular day starts with us paying respect to our iPhones, and acknowledging notifications on Facebook from our thousand virtual friends. Post that hurried breakfast, there is a flurry of e-mails to take care of, traffic jams, incessant phone calls, power lunch, commitments and seemingly endless to-do lists which don’t leave us even a second to breathe. Pause.

Now picture this. When was the last time you indulged in a long siesta without the pangs of guilt overcoming you? Have you walked in the park lately (minus gadgetry) taking in the greenery and watched…

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Knocking yourself out.

You have no idea.

How much I wished that I told you the whole thing, instead of holding back the most important part.

That part..

Where you spend so much of the time.

Doing things for people who don’t care,

Pouring time into people who don’t know,

Spending so much effort on people who doesn’t remember.

And until I met you, I lost the one who played a role for me.

Someone I trusted. Maybe still do. I don’t know.

So much time wasted on people who can’t be bothered.

Everyone is moving on, and I’m still.. doing the same old things for the same old few, who have the same old reactions.

Am I meant to be stuck like this? Have you any idea how depressing it is?

Everyone is moving to bigger things.

I really wished that I told you everything. I know you can make all these better. So why hadn’t I..

This is bad.

Very bad.

… I miss you, too.