Knocking yourself out.

You have no idea.

How much I wished that I told you the whole thing, instead of holding back the most important part.

That part..

Where you spend so much of the time.

Doing things for people who don’t care,

Pouring time into people who don’t know,

Spending so much effort on people who doesn’t remember.

And until I met you, I lost the one who played a role for me.

Someone I trusted. Maybe still do. I don’t know.

So much time wasted on people who can’t be bothered.

Everyone is moving on, and I’m still.. doing the same old things for the same old few, who have the same old reactions.

Am I meant to be stuck like this? Have you any idea how depressing it is?

Everyone is moving to bigger things.

I really wished that I told you everything. I know you can make all these better. So why hadn’t I..

This is bad.

Very bad.

… I miss you, too.


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