Love’s old charm

You never know how excited I am still for you.

And I’ve this irrational fear about you no longer being the same.

After that… day, you’ve changed. You’ve turned colder, more distant, more busy.

You’ve turned into someone I couldn’t reach as easy as I used to.

And it’s discomforting. I’ve become some attached, so accustomed to you. And despite having a trial ahead of us, I still am not ready for it.

Saddens me a little every time I think about it.

I guess this is how love is starting to work it’s magic. Because I can already feel it’s little warmth gnawing at me from inside, and don’t deny it’s charm in you, either.

It’s taking a little more every single day, but I already still feel you by my side. And it just get better with each day.

Guess this is what love feels like.

Welcome back, sweetheart.


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