There were two twin brothers, who looked completely alike.

But despite that, they had two different personalities.

One was rebellious, worldly. Quick to anger, and hot headed.

The other was different. Kind, calm. Slow to anger, and full of sincerity.

One day, the worldly brother got terribly drunk, and in his foolishness, murdered a man.

Terrified, he fled the scene, covered in blood.

And soon, the police was hot on his heels.

When the worldly brother reached home, the kind brother asked him what happened.

Upon hearing, the kind brother took the worldly brother’s bloodstained clothes and turned himself in. And because they looked alike, the police believed him to be the murderer.

The brother was tried, and he was sentenced to murder. The worldly brother received a letter from him, and he is not to open it before the day of his execution.

The innocent brother was executed, and died in place of his worldly brother.

And when the worldly brother open the letter, simple words were inside.

I have died your death, so that you may live my life.

Sounds familiar? Sure does.


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