Obstinate melancholy.





Trials and tribulations. Crime and judgment. Cause and effect.

So what’s the cause for this effect? What calls for this?

Do you not know that this saddens me beyond madness? Do you not know that this grief churns me volatile? Do you not know that this furnace boils me deep down?

Same words uttered, phrases muttered. Lies buttered.

Do you not see that all have changed? All that you illicit are just diminished returns.

From a thousand, million, hundred years ago. From a day forgotten into time.
An age lost.

You do not share my pain, neither can you see it. Because you’re a cut above me. Always have, and always will be.

If you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb trees, it will live a life of wronged stupidity. If you judge me on my level with you, I have a beggar’s life.

Therefore, do you not see the amount of stress and distress you caused me?

Greatness is in stored.

But not for us.

It is for you. And you alone.

For I am but a man with simple ways. As intentional I can be, my intentions are disregarded.

Go. Go and be great, and I will take joy in once knowing you. In simply making your acquaintance.

A heart can long so much to prolong the pain.


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