I am nervous, excited, jubilant.

But I am also mortified, flabbergasted and devastated.

How? What to do? Who to ask for help? Why? When do I start?

I’m really running out of ideas for projects. And it’s frustrating.

Where have all my ideas gone to? Why is it that when you seek creativity, creativity eludes you?

I am perplexed and confused.

But I still can’t hide the joy that is growing within me. The end of each day may meet me with a light note, but it does little to help soothe.


I can’t deny that I’m excited to see you again. But at what cost?

At what risks?

I don’t know. I’m majorly tantalized.

It’s like knowing what you want, but you having no idea how to get there.

Does this not frustrate you?

When you are allowed one, just one, shot. That one opportunity to reach what you find as joy, as contentment or even as paradise.

But how sure are you? That when you make ends meet, to what end is justified?

Our day draws near. I must make preparations.


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