God wants to answer more than we want to ask.

I asked.

But despite that, I don’t really like what I got as a reply. Well, sort of.

The path is treacherous and the road is uneven.

Is this a sign?

Issue after issue. I really don’t know what to make out of all this.

But I know that all these work together for the greater good.

Whilst I do not see, God definitely sees. And despite what answer I have, I will trust in Him.

But sometimes, I think I’m not exactly as selfless as I thought.

Surely, you must have noticed.

Surely, you must have felt something.

Sometimes, it’s as obvious as it gets.

How is it that you’re still so amazing?

I’ll never cease to wonder at that. And may I never do.

Surely, this excitement must be contagious.


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