I recently had a few comments.

Mainly, saying that my post nowadays are too complicated or abstract or hard to understand.

But when you see where I’m coming from, can you blame me?

If I do not encrypt all these rantings, I feel like I’m being too.. transparent.

Expressive is good. But if you don’t express what you want others to know, then you got it wrong.

I need to be complicated and post abstract.

Many things are at stake, and this is one of the surefire way for me to express myself without giving away anything.

Surprises are due, therefore the lesser the degree of transparency, the lesser the chance of it being ruined.

Still, I guess it’s rather heartening to know that I have at least one reader even when I’m speaking in circles and typing in codes.

If you are.. curious, do feel free to ask me privately. Though, I confess, I’ll probably bore you with it.

Well, anyway.

I’ve been troubled lately. These two weeks will be hectic and messy. Assignments and tests are all over the place.

And my December will not be a silent one. It never is.

And that is good. Keeps me from going haywire, at least.

Nonetheless, many things to look forward to.

Don’t you agree with me?



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